Getting Data

One of the most important things once the system is setup is to receive data from your sensor devices. Devices can transmit information to Little Sense in a number of ways. The simplest is by making http requests to the RESTful API over a wired of WiFi connection. However Little Sense also supports the connection of transceivers to the serial port. We suggest you start by generating some test data, just to make sure everything is working.


You can through any number of key:value pairs at the server (along with a UTC time string and a unique sender device id) and the server will record them without question. You don’t even need to register devices first!. However, Little Sense will only keep the data of unregistered devices for a limited time. Devices can easily be registered via the web interface and once registered their data will be kept forever.

Sensing Devices

Example sensor code for various harware platforms such as Arduinoscan be found in the repository here: