Common Issues

In this section we make not of a few things which may trip you up when trying to connect devices to Little Sense.

Connecting to the RESTful API

Are you trying to connect to a .local address?

Some devices and software libraries cannot automatically discover .local addresses. Instead try the IP address of the Little Sense server. You may also need to check that the Nginx configuration of your Little Sense server allows the IP address (see below).

Getting a 444 response?

Check that the Nginx configuration allows the IP address. Loging to the Little Sense server via SSH and type `sudo nano /etc/nginx/sites-available/littlesense`. Make sure the IP address is listed as below.

# Block all names not in list i.e. prevent HTTP_HOST errors
if ($host !~* ^(|littlesense.local)$) {{
    return 444;